French Property
Whilst it is sometimes possible to buy renovation projects for less than the price of a second hand car, there are many fabulous French properties at prices substantially lower than in the UK.
But it isn’t just the value for money – France is a far bigger country, with a little less than the population of the UK. So outside built up areas, most French houses have a larger amount of land or garden, often with other buildings (dependences). There is generally a greater amount of space between houses, so if you have neighbours they are often at a distance.

For those who come to live in France permanently, the lifestyle is an enviable one. The social structure in France ensures that the educational system is excellent, anecdotally parents and children notice a marked improvement in their schooling. The family values and the noticeably low level of crime and vandalism, coupled with a more relaxed way of life make France now the major country for migration from Britain.

Normandy offers a huge range of properties as second homes, main homes, investments or businesses at realistic and affordable prices.

Our properties include varying degrees of renovation challenges for builders or serious DIY enthusiasts. These are often available at bargain prices and with a combination of expertise, vision and hard work can make an exciting project and ultimately an excellent home. Many of our clients have achieved fabulous results, often on a modest budget.

For those who want a property ready to occupy, or with only minor works, we can of course help. We carry a wide range of properties, ancient and modern, often improved to a very high standard. Modern French houses “Pavillions” are built with energy efficiency as major criteria. These offer excellent value for money with the joys of the French house, without the maintenance of an older property.

Much has been made of the Gite (self catering holiday homes) industry, which has attracted many British people to generate an income from their French property. We always have suitable properties, either established businesses or those suitable for conversion.
We are pleased to advise our clients about such ventures and indeed other commercial properties.

From barns for conversion, to abandoned chateaux, or ready to occupy houses, Maisons Normandy will be pleased to assist you in your purchase.