The Region

Normandy is one of the most accessible and attractive regions of France.

Famous for far more than the D Day invasion, Normandy has a wide diversity of coastal and rural areas, the relaxed culture and lifestyle coupled with excellent communications and infrastructure.

Our properties are based around the rural town of Vire in the heart of the “bocage” – hedgerow country and the beautiful Atlantic coast in the St John Le Thomas and St Malo areas.

The unspoilt Norman countryside, with its lush green meadows, cool, wooded valleys and its beech and pine forests, remains a haven of peace and tranquility.
lts little villages, leafy lanes and clear streams are the ideal setting in which to relax and rediscover the joys of nature. One gets the impression that time is standing still…..

The people of Normandy take their eating very seriously indeed. Norman recipes are usually quite simple, but as they make use of local dairy produce and apples, the fresh natural flavours come through in a vast range of dishes. Our area is famous for its Calvados – the local drink, along with Norman cider, for generations produced by almost every farmer in the region.

Major cities such as Caen and Bayeux contrast with the small provincial market towns such as Vire, Avranches and Villedieu - les Poeles. On the coast St Malo and Mont St Michel are always popular, along with Granville, the Parisian’s holiday playground. Made popular by the Christian Dior dynasty, its also the gateway to the Channel Islands.